Neal Doyle

who i am

Father and husband, living in Cambridge, originally from Chicago, passionate about entrepreneurship, energy and the environment, marketing and social media, golf, home improvements, outdoor sports, and technology.

what i do

Assistant Director of the Harvard Innovation Lab championing student entrepreneurship at Harvard University.  I've been called the COO of the i-lab,  having jumped on the i-lab rocketship as the second employee. Also run my Boston golf club repair business.

stuff i am doing

I'm developing or implementing all the cool stuff that makes the i-lab work, exploring new workspace tools, directing our social media, marketing, and communications, and advising students. Finally, musing on market solutions to environmental problems.

what i look for

I look for new ways to work more efficiently, hidden gem golf courses,  new technologies, opportunities for arbitrage (online and offline), fun and productive home improvement projects, and connections between golf and the environment.

find me online

My 140 character thoughts show up on Twitter, my long form thoughts appear on my (infrequently updated)  personal blog, my work profile presents on LinkedIn, and my professional thoughts are published on  the i-lab blog.

work i have done

I've been a caddie, environmental consultant, US EPA staffer, nuclear energy researcher and program manager, founder of an affiliate marketing company, a developer and social media strategy advisor, and golf geek.

my passions

Being a solid dad, and husband. golf, cycling, and home repairs. Exploring New England by foot, car, and ski. Good food with friends, and family.  Staying ahead of  new technology and efficiency tools, and fixing my stupid Galaxy Nexus phone.

my deets

The best way to reach me is by email.  I'll let you take a guess at my email address, but a pretty likely place to start would involve my full name and  I'm also easily reachable by Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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